Unique Memory Cards Are To Prevent Piracy

Sony have taken some heat lately regarding the outrageously overpriced memory cards, however there seems to be a reason for the pricey memory cards....

The PSP was plagued with piracy within a year of release. This caused many 3rd party developers to not bother with PSP games as they were worried that nobody will purchase their game as everyone will illegally pirate it. However this time Sony are trying something different.

Sony Computer Entertainment's Muneki Shimada claims the PS Vita-exclusive memory cards -- which are used as a substitute for internal storage to hold game saves, downloadable content, and other files -- will "ensure the security" of the handheld, according to a Japanese Impress Watch interview.

The company plans to not allow users to hook up the memory cards to their PCs as "mass storage" formats, meaning that they will not be able to transfer and organize their files without using a special content management program, unlike how one manages files on a standard SD card or other devices.

Sony have had enough of this!

While the PSP requires Windows-only utility Media Go to transfer games to Sony's proprietary Memory Sticks, users could still use them as mass storage devices for other files.

This led to hackers eventually devising a way to load custom firmware, circumvent security protections, and play pirated games on PSPs.

Shimada argued that this approach for PS Vita will be more convenient for users, as they will not have to deal with folder structures on the cards -- similar to a program like iTunes, the content management software would take care of that. Some, however, might argue that this takes control away from users.

Sony have managed to land some great 3rd party developers for Playstation Vita development, and hopefully this piracy free console will continue to provide phenomenal content.

However the it still does not justify the outrageous price.

So then whats better high priced memory cards with no piracy? or dirt cheap memory cards with no 3rd party content? Remember to tell us your opinion in the comment section below!


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