Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Controls And Features Detailed

Capcom have taken the liberty to inform us on how the touchscreen and trackpad will be used on Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.....

Touch Panel Controls The game includes the option of controlling with the touch panel. Touch controls include:
  • Move forward/backward by dragging forward/backward
  • Dash forward/backward by flicking forward/backward 
  • Duck by dragging down Jump by flicking up 
  • Change characters by tapping and holding the icon of the new character 
  • Call on assist character by tapping the icon of the assist character 
  • Attack by tapping anywhere but the icons 
  • Execute your Hyper Combo by tapping the Hyper Combo Gauge

Near and Wi-Fi support has been confirmed, Online Multiplayer will be available on launch.

Also thanks to one of our loyal members An0nYMoUs we also have some brand new gameplay which shows Seth Killian walking us through the brand new control scheme. He also confirms that it runs at a smooth 60 Frames Per Second

Will you be buying MvsC at launch? Are the touch controls too 'gimmicky' and boring? Or do you like the alternative? Remember to let us know in the comments below!


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