PS Vita Will Have Game Demos At Launch

Just like the PSP and PS3 the PS Vita will have demos available at launch, find out what demos will be available inside!!!

Playstation Report have confirmed that a demo for Dynasty Warriors Next will be available for the PS Vita at launch, the demo is set to have over 3 stages and 8 characters. A bit too much content for a demo in my opinion.

Though other games have not been confirmed, since the PSP and PS3 had demos for almost every single launch title. Since Playstation are trying to emphasis connectivity, downloadable demos are the way to go.

Also Uncharted 1 had a demo on PS3, so expect a Uncharted: Golden Abyss demo for the PS Vita (im pretty sure thats the game you care about)

What game demo do you want? Or would you prefer if the PS Vita came with a starter NVG card with a bunch of demos on it? Downloadable demos or demos on a NVG card, which is better? Let us know in the comment section below!


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