PS Vita Web Browser Cannot Be Opened In Game

More details regarding the web browser inside....

When playing a game on your PS Vita you can press the PS button to open up the systems menu and simultaneously use apps such as Twitter, Music and access your friends list while the game is still paused in the background.

However new reports from Andriasang confirm that you cannot open up the web browser while playing a game. Most likely because it will take up too much memory and slow the entire system down.

On the other hand this does indicate that the web browser is quite powerful and quick, as if it requires more than 512MB RAM it must pack a punch in terms of browsing speed.

So then do you care that you cant look for cheats and play a game at the same time? Or were you not planning on using the web browser at all? Remember to answer both these questions in the comment section below! we really want your opinion on this topic!

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