PS Vita To "Die A Horrible Premature Death"

Guess which developer just flipped the controversy switch, find out inside what this radical developer had to say, and how its linked to Facebook......

The industry personality in question is Henrique Olifiers, the Co-Founder of Facebook game developer Bossa Studios, and the choice quote comes from an interview Yes you did not read it wrong, another Facebook/Smartphone developer is fireballing the PS Vita. Im sure you have all heard the story before "mobile games rule, PS Vita drools" (we are using some phrases the developer might understand)

“I hate the fact you cannot play a game on the PS3 against the same game on the 360 or PC. Walled gardens in a world where people are freely connected all the time is just a dumb idea that limits what is achievable…
…Valve is bang on: proprietary stuff is madness, we should be moving to more open platforms, to interoperability, bringing everyone together. If this is not the motto for the big console manufacturers, not only will we not be there – they’re likely to die a horrible premature death, the kind of which I think the Vita will suffer from.”

This battle has occurred on multiple occasions, however with the success of the Nintendo 3DS im sure the Vita will not fail because of "Facebook games"

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