PS Vita Targeting Casual Gamers 2014

Sony discuses how they are first targeting hardcore gamers, and then moving onto the casual market.......

Sony will be shifting its business strategy to target Vita at a "younger demographic" by 2014, SCEE CEO Jim Ryan has said.

"Day one (buyers are) going to be our good old core gaming demographic: mid 20s, largely male," said Ryan talking to EDGE.

"What we will look to do is go younger rather more quickly and more deliberately than we did with PSP.

"You won't see that so much in 2012, and in 2013 we'll still be very much at the core of it, but shortly that a lot of the business strategy will be (based) around targeting a somewhat younger demographic."

Sony's decision to eventually target its handheld at a younger audience shouldn't come as a surprise.

Earlier in the month, Ryan suggested that Sony would be shifting its focus on PS3 onto the family market during 2012, as rival Nintendo continues to experience huge success targeting a younger demographic with its Nintendo DS.

Let us know if your happy about tons of hardcore games coming for the PS Vita until 2014? Or do you want a good mix? Comment below please!


(Also unboxing video coming soon maybe Monday/Tuesday)

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