PS Vita Suffers From Terrible Second Week

Asian PS Vita sales have dissapointed once again, check out official sales figures inside......

Hardware sales in Japan were generally very good as it is the holiday season, however the PS Vita suffered from very bad sales as in Japan alone the Nintendo 3DS outsold the PS Vita by a whooping 6 to 1 ratio.

Hardware Sales System - Weekly Sales
3DS 482,200
PSP 101,121
Wii 91,176
PS3 75,943
Vita 72,479
DSi LL 8,470
DSi 5,894
Xbox 360 4,245
PS2 1,582
DS Lite 32

These sales are quite bad, but personally I think that Sony are not too concerned with sales yet as it still has not been released in US/EU and most of the launch titles are designed to attract American and European gamers as Uncharted is one of the biggest selling EU titles.

No PS Vita games made the top 20 software sales list also.

Let us know what you think of the sales in the comments below please!


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