PS Vita Saves Paper Not Plastic

Is the end of physical games? Sony sure think so........

Recent pictures of PS Vita game cases show just a large piece of plastic with the games NVG card and not even a paper manual.

Despite the large plastic boxes holding the SD sized 'PS-Vita' game cards that nice clip inside the case is not there to hold the manual.

Its to hold the single warning sheet (and later dlc codes), Vita games do not and will NOT have any manuals as those with buying those first 'PS Vita' units and games in Japan are quickly discovering!

Uncharted has a very nice coloured warning sheet that looks like a manual but isn't btw! - Same as all the others, no artwork, no manual!  So much for going 'retail' instead of 'digital' to get that 'extra stuff' for the 'higher price'. -- Nope, not in this case with 'PS Vita'!

So Sony has officially ditched the paper manuals. We think its very stupid how Sony use such a large plastic box for a small NVG card. The game cases should be even smaller than 3DS cases, and even Nintendo has huge chunks of plastic cut out of the cases to prevent wasting money/plastic.

Should Sony ditch manuals? Should they ditch physical games entirely? Or do plastic cases need to stay! Let us know in the comment section below!


PS Vita videos coming Wednesday/Thursday!

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