PS Vita Sales Disappoint

Some bad news for the Playstation Vita as Sony reveal how many units were sold in 48 hours, check them out inside.......

Despite the huge lines at selected stores, the Playstation Vita managed to only sell 321,000 units within 2 days.

When compared to the Nintendo 3DS which sold over 371,000 in 2 days, this means that 3DS at the same price and with a bad list of launch titles still managed to sell an extra 50,000  extra units when compared to the PS Vita.

This means that only 46% of Playstation Vita stock was sold.

Does this mean that PS Vita was a failure? We think that it is not a failure, remember that maybe the US and Europe are interested in buying a PS Vita also as they are waiting for Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Let us know what you think if its a flop or not? Or will the US and UK sales also be disappointing? and Is a price drop coming? If so what will the new price be?


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