PS Vita Hacked?

Famous PSP hacker Mamosuke has managed to get some homebrew running on the Playstation Vita, pictures inside.......

The hacker Mamosuke is famous for developing an embedded PSP emulator, however now he has managed to get "Hello World" running on the PS Vita. If your unfamiliar with hacking jargon "Hello World" is basically a small peice of foreign code that just displays some text. Though its not reveloutionary it does confirm that foerign and unknown code can run on the PS Vita through Mamosuke's hack.

The way he got the hack to work is actually very simple. Through UMD passport the PS Vita can play PSP games, and essentially these games run PS Vita's very own PSP emulator. Along with the ability to play PSP games the emulator still has the kinks and potholes the PSP had thus allowing hackers to fundamentally "Hack the PSP inside the PS Vita" this will axiomatically lead to hacking the "PS Vita part"

Mamosuke had this to say:
“Technically, the idea behind the hack is simple but brilliant: the PS Vita has a PSP emulator, and we have plenty of PSP game exploits lying around… can we assume they will work on the emulator? That’s what teck4 tried, and the answer is yes, so he managed to run unsigned code on the PS Vita.”

“Practically, although this is good news, there are a bunch of obstacles which will probably not make the exploit so interesting for most users (at least not yet): First of all, the exploit happens within the PSP emulator on the Vita, and will not directly give access to the Vita hardware or features.”

Well though this is just a simple piece of software, it is quite disappointing as the lack of 3rd party support on PSP stemmed from the insane popularity of custom PSP firmwares.

Let us know what you think of PS Vita hacking in the comments below! And though you get free games, is it really worth risking no 3rd party content at all? 


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