PS Vita Games Are 40% Cheaper When Downloaded?

Have Sony officially turned Green? A new rumour suggests that Sony have taken the Green road.

A source from ThriftyNerd claims that during a recent PS Vita event a Sony representative told him that games will be around 40% cheaper due to the lack of hardware and plastic packaging.

ThriftyNerd writes:

I was told that games would be capped at $39.99 retail. While the same game would go for around $23 if you downloaded it. A price drop for downloadable games was already confirmed for the Japanese market, but it’s not as significant as the US. In Japan, retail titles are reported to go for as high as $50 with a PSN equivalent of $40. This is only a 20% drop where the US would be 40%.
All of this once again brings us back to the memory cards. It seems that since Sony are losing millions in Vita production (as its worth more than its retail price) they are attempting to win back their money via purchase or overpriced high capacity memory cards. With games being significantly cheaper via PSN download, ludicrous $100 memory cards seem more reasonable as paying 40% less for games can justify paying $100+ for memory cards.

Also remember that the 40% less just a rumor and none of it has been confirmed by Sony, though it as been confirmed that games will be cheaper via PSN, everyone expects around 10% cheaper, not 40%

Its also great to see that big companies like Sony are trying to become more green. Remember Sony don't talk trash THEY RECYCLE IT!

So then will you buy a game from your local store? or will you download via PSN? Or do you like having a case to hold? Or can you not even afford a 32GB memory card? Answer these questions in the comment section below please!

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