PS Vita Can Only Support One PSN Account

A shocking new rumor suggests that you wont be able to store multiple PSN accounts on your PS Vita. And you need to take drastic measures just to change that!!!!

Sharing is caring. But Sony doesn't think so. A PS Vita event in Osaka Japan contained a small FAQ banner, which said:
Q: PSNアカウントは、PSVita本体1つに対して何個まで設定できますか? A: 1つです。別のPSNアカウントで使用したい場合は、本体の初期化を行ってください。
In Japanese this roughly translates to "PS Vita can only support a single PSN account, and to change your PSN account you must restore your factory settings."

Remember that this may not be 100% true, as Sony might be preparing a software update to change this. And the source comes from a random member who posted this on their forum, so it could be completely and utterly fake. Hopefully.

Once again just like the memory cards, Sony are trying to win their money back by forcing their target demographic to purchase 2 Vita's in a single household just to use different online accounts.

Was anybody planning on having more than one account on your PS Vita? Or are you annoyed and think Sony are doing this just to make more money? Remember to please answer these questions in the comment section below!


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