Mortal Kombat Vitality Is Fake!

A huge amount of un-official confirmations and rumors suggested that Mortal Kombat Vita was in development, however some new evidence proves otherwise......

Ed Boon one of the lead developers are NeatherRealm studios confirmed back at E3 2011 that a Mortal Kombat PS Vita game is in developement

Soon after some fliers were leaked which read "Mortal Kombat Vitality" and the internet exploded with exictment and disbelief as why would they chose such a stupid name.

However Ed Boon today has confirmed via Twitter that there is no "Mortal Kombat Vitality" in development. Full tweet below:

Though Ed Boon confirmed that Mortal Kombat Vitality does not exist. It does not mean that a Mortal Kombat game for PS Vita is not coming soon. Its just not called Vitality (thank god because that name was just terrible)

Here is a look at the photshopped image. Though the image does seem legit, its a complete fake.

So then are you disappointed? Were you excited for MK Vita? Or are you interested in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken For PS Vita? Remember to please answer these questions in the comment section below!


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