First PS Vita Emulator Surfaces

Remember the PSP exploit in the PS Vita? its back and now running a Sega Megadrive Emulator, check out video proof inside......

The PS Vita exploit first arised when hacker Mamosuke got "Hello World" running on the PS Vita by tapping into the PS Vita's PSP emulator, now hacker "Wololo" has gotten a full fledged Sega Megadrive Emulator running on the PS Vita.

The recent PS Vita update (1.51) was rumoured to block all potential for PSP emulator hacking, however "Wololo" has confirmed that the exploit is running of 1.51, not 1.50.

All you hackers must not get excited as when the US and European launch is upon us, Sony would have already patched the exploit, even the factory models will be most likely running 1.50+

Video of the emulator is below!

The audio problem in the video is because of a "syncall issue"

So what emulator would you like on your PS Vita? would you like a PS1 emulator? or would you like a SNES emulator? let us know what you think in the comments below!


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