Brand New Resistance: Burning Skies Gameplay

Some brand new Resistance PS Vita gameplay shows huge improvements over the Gamescom 2011 gameplay. And be sure to read my thoughts on the game inside!!!!!

Now for my thoughts. Personally I think that Sony needs to work really hard on Resistance: Burning Skies as it is the first "real handheld FPS" and if this game suffers from unpredictable controls and too much emphasis on the touch screen (see above) then fans will steer away from handheld First Person Shooters in general.

Remember I have not actually played it so my opinion is not really valid, but still noteworthy.

In the video above, the game seemed very "rough and not smooth" it most likely runs at 30FPS but im having doubts that will be achieved at launch. It also seems as if the games analog sensitivity and control is terrible, this could all just be the person demonstrating fault, or the games, we will have to wait and see.

Visuals in general seem gorgeous and much improved since the last Gamescom 2011 demo, high resolution textures and enterprising character design truly refashion handheld First Person Shooters.

As for the touchscreen controls, they just seem futile, why not allocate the axe and grenade launcher to the rear trackpad? it just seems like dissipated opportunity.

Right now though I will be picking up Resistance: Burning Skies as im curious as to what a PS Vita First Person Shooter will be like, however right now Nihilistic Software really need to work out the kinks.

Resistance: Burning Skies will be available Summer 2012

Remember thats just my opinion! Let me know your in the comments below! Also if you have tried this game at a convention PLEASE leave your opinion of the game in the comments below!

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