Wipeout 2048 Will Be More 'Accessible'

Micheal Pulst one of the developers for Wipeout 2048 has confirmed some changes being made to the PS Vita version, including how they are trying to attract 'casual' gamers.

The original Wipeout on the Playstation One was insanely difficult, ultra thin tracks, tons of sharp corners made the game greatly cater towards the hardcore audience. However to my dismay developers are taking a different approach to Wipeout 2048 PS Vita.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Pulst reckons that the WipEoutexperience "was so hardcore that it actually turned some people off. It was a barrier to entry, and the team recognized this."

"By making the tracks a bit wider, you’re able to concentrate more on the race and fighting off the other players."

To make the game more accessible they have widened the tracks drastically to well...basically make it 'easy'.

We understand that casual gaming is 'where the moneyz at' but with such a powerful portable, it would be nice to have some more hardcore games releasing some time soon.

So then what do you think of the whole 'casual vs hardcore' debate? Is it good that Wipeout is easier? Or would you prefer a game which is ultra hard? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!


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