Sony's Marketing Makes Some Hilarious Mistakes In Taiwan

Yes she is holding the PS Vita upside down! Sony hired a Taiwanese celebrity to endorse the PS Vita and she made some jovial mistakes. Check out what happened when they asked her "whats your favourite game"....

In Asia, there already is an excited build-up towards the Vita’s launch. Sony Computer Entertainment already held a Vita presentation in Taiwan for an official announcement of the release date in the region. It elicited the help of local celebrity, Rainie Yang. Miss Yang is an actress, singer and talk show host in her native country and just recently, a spokeswoman for SCE Taiwan.

News is that the Vita will be out in Taiwan on December 23rd.  Now with that date and with a pretty spokeswoman in tow, Sony seemed to be doing all the right things until Yang opened her mouth.

When asked about her favorite game, she actually said Super Mario, no not Uncharted, Little Big Planet or God of War. She seemed to not realise that Mario is actually Nintendo's mascot, not Sony's

Huh? since when was Mario on a Nintendo platform?!?!?

Then, it even got worse after that.  Rainie was later on pictured holding a PlayStation Vita upside down. This goes to show that while the popular Taiwanese actress may be a good choice for spokeswoman, she should at least have been coached beforehand.

This way, she won’t end up sounding as if she is sabotaging the very product that she is endorsing. Sony has to be thankful that Vita is already creating some noise by itself. If Vita had to rely on the endorsement or Rainie Yang, it may very well fall apart altogether.

Well what do you think of Sony's marketing? should they just stick with TV commercials or adverts? or would online campaigns such as viral videos, or YouTube advertising more suited? or do you have any ideas for celebrities who should endorse the product? And do you have any ideas for TV commercials? Let us know in the comment section below!

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