Sony Smash Bros Clone Test Images Leaked? (Images Fixed)

Some test images of Sony's Smash Bros Clone have supposedly been outed by one of the developers twitter account, and from seeing these images they do look VERY legit.

Plenty of rumors have been orbiting the internet regarding a Playstation Smash Bros type game, now Chris Molina one of the lead level designers at SuperBot Entertainment (the alleged Sony Smash Bros developing team) has revealed some new details and some images via his twitter account.

The image above was posted via his twitter account with a tweet regarding "the mapping of female boobies" supposedly these boobies are for a character in the game.

This is another image which he posted on his account. It shows Sweet Tooth, one of the characters in the oh so child friendly franchise "Twisted Metal" being rendered for the Smash Bros Clone.

Here is another picture found on his account, we dont have a single clue what this is, but we did notice some writing in the corner which mentions "Kratos" the popular protagonist from the God of War franchise.

Molina also tweeted 

New Sony Playstation commercial vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title –…&v=HBuK3EcY6vk
the link he tweeted was the video "Long Live Play" which featured multiple characters such as Ghost, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Ezio, The Helghast and some others. So its very likely that all these characters will feature in the game.

Molina's twitter account was also removed, another reason you should trust the validity of these images.

Also the reason this was posted today is because the Smash Bros clone will most likely make some sort of appearance on the Playstation Vita.


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