Playstation Smash Bros Clone Confirmed

Sony have confirmed that they are working on a 2D fighting game which will include all the classic Playstation mascots, check out details inside.

According to Paul Gale the game will be set on a 2D pane i.e Street Fighter, and will feature mechanics similar to Smash Bros (Nintendo fighting series) he also stated that it will have its own special 'flare' and other cool unknown features.

The game is still set to be in early development but it is VERY likely that it will be available for the PS Vita seeing as how Nintendo's Smash Bros is in development for Wii U and 3DS, if competition is to take place PS3 and PS Vita would be ideal.

Every single mascot it set to be playable such as Nathan Drake, Kratos etc.... However some 3rd party characters may be playable, for example Ezio? Ghost?

Also there is no confirmed title, we have conjured up some titles of our own. "Playstation Punch Out" Playstation Nation, Sony Beat Down. Yes they do sound stupid.

So then what titles do you think fit the game? Give us your own opinion? Is it stupid how Kratos could fight Sackboy? Give us ideas for characters and the title of the game! Let us know in the comment section below!


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