PS Vita Uses AMOLED Screen Technology

Some new details regarding the PS Vita screen have emerged including the manufacturer and screen technology. Check out the details inside!.......

A report from a Korean newspaper reveals that the Playstation Vita uses Samsung's AMOLED screen technology. Samsung are also confirmed to be manufacturing the screens for Sony. If you are unaware of the terminology AMOLED basically means the screen uses an advanced colouring technique, basically the colours on the PS Vita screen will be very vivid and bright.

The Galaxy S Tablet also uses similar AMOLED technology

So that means the PS Vita will include a 5 inch 960x540 AMOLED touchscreen.

Some products such as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet also use Samsung's AMOLED technology.

So then what do you think of the PS Vita screen specifications? Are you disappointed by the fact the the resolution is lower than the iPhone 4? or will the AMOLED screen make up for the fact that the resolution is not as high? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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