PS Vita UMD Passport Revealed

Sony have revealed how you will be able to play all your UMD PSP games on your PS Vita, however there is a cache.....and a price......

When the PSP-Go was announced, Sony claimed you be able to 'trade-in' your UMD discs for 'digital' versions, but that never happened, but finally with the PS-Vita, they have announced a solution called 'UMD Passport' which will be starting on Dec. 6th in Japan.

Here is how it works:  Download the 'UMD Registration Application' from Sony's website to your Windows based PC Connect your PSP to your PC Insert each PSP UMB game disc into your PSP then use the software to register your UMD to your PSN account Pray that the UMD's you own are among the 200 titles that are being made available

Go to the PS Store on your new PS Vita (or) PSP-Go and and click BUY!  Yes, you read that correctly, the big word 'BUY', with you PSN points or (cough) credit card, the same games you have just registered that you OWN from your PSP for what Sony describe as an 'agreeable' price (currently between $1.29 and $31.00)!

Of course I sure some clever 'hackers' will figure out how to 'register' UMD disks which you don't really own!

What do you think of this? Is it annoying how Sony is charging for games you already own? Even though its a low price, its still a price? Will you transfer your games? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!


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