Nobody Cares About The PS Vita?

A recent study in Japan proves that nobody is really interested in buying a Playstation Vita, check inside for more stats and other details.

The survey was conducted in Japan and also includes some details regarding the popularity of the Wii U along with the PS Vita.

A recent demographic study by goo Research in Japan surveyed 1,083 members of their online monitor group and determined that they weren't that interested in the Wii U and the PS Vita. Only a little more than 10% said they wanted to buy a PS Vita, and less than 10% said they wanted to buy a Wii U.

More than half the respondents in both cases weren't even interested in the devices at all.

The survey was conducted between October 17th and 19th of this year, and the audience surveyed was about 53% male. 16.3% were in their teens, 18.2% in their twenties, 21.9% in their thirties, 16.3% in their forties, and 27.3% were fifty or older.

While this audience covers a wide range of ages, 64% of them owned a games machine. The most popular ones were the Nintendo DS family, with 62% of the 694 game owners owning one, while 53% had a PlayStation 2, 5.7% had Nintendo Wii, 34.3% had a PSP, and 27.8% had a PS3.

Loads of people pre-orderd the PS Vita, or did they????
Only 10.2% said they wanted to buy a PS Vita; 35.2% said they didn't want to buy, but were interested; and 54.6% said they weren't interested. When asked about the Wii U, only 9.4% said they wanted to buy one, while 36.1% said they didn't want to buy, but were interested, and 54.5% said they weren't interested.

Remember that the 'Hardcore' gamer is a lot more sporadic than the 'Casual' gamer, so most of the people who were surveyed do not keep up with the latest gaming trends. However this survey does conflict with Sony's survey, where they claimed that "Over 60% of gamers are interested in a Playstation Vita" were they lying just to build hype?

So then what do you think of the survey? are you shocked at the lack of PS Vita demand as its so close to its Japanese launch? Or are you expecting sales to rise once Television adverts begin? Remember to let us know in the comment section below!


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