Who Needs PS VITA When You Can Have "Gameplayer"

Asia has always played host to many counterfeit items. Now we have images of the first PS VITA knock off or "Gameplayer" Be sure to check the images out!

The "Gameplayer" Looks more like a PSP however its OS and GUI is identical to the PS VITA. It also includes a camera!

Check the images out below!

I for one have already canceled my PS VITA pre-order and will be picking up a "Gameplayer" on launch. As it seems to boast an amazing line up which includes Assassins Creed, Metal Slug, Street Fighter. And did I mention IT CAN DO 3D WITH GLASSES! For a low low price of $84.99 (Sarcasm, Just another free service we offer here at www.psvitahub.com)

Update: Many comments are quite angry as I said that I canceled my PS VITA pre-order. Sorry if I didn't convey it well but I was being sarcastic. The PS VITA is a lot better in every single way! this fake knock off plays SNES like games. Not including how tacky and cheap it is compared to the PS VITA. I still have a Pre-Order, and I shall get the PS VITA when it launches in Japan so we shall be the first to offer an unboxing and walkthroughs.

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More Images and Pre-Order Link is available below.

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