Street Fighter X Tekken PS VITA Gets A Release Date

She's got a secret! If you know tell us in the comments :D
Capcom's highly anticipated crossover has now received a release date for both consoles and the PS VITA. Click to find out when you can get your hands on it!

Capcom has stated that Street Fighter X Tekken will be available March 6th 2012 however whats interesting is that the PS VITA version will also be launching

March 6th 2012.

Its very surprising that a game which seemed to have stability issues on the PS VITA will launch simultaneously with its console counterparts.

She has a secret, If you know the secret tell us in the comments :D
Also some websites are speculating that this proves PS VITA will launch before March 6th in US/EU however we don't really think thats valid as in Japan gamers will already have there hands on a PS VITA before March 6th 2012.

So then will you be picking up Street Fighter X Tekken for consoles or your soon to be available PS VITA? remember that the PS VITA version is not going to be a straight port! Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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