Sony Says "Don't Throw Away UMD Games Just Yet"

Gamers with a huge collection of PSP UMD's may not have to worry about there PSP games going to waste.

According to many reports SCE head Yoshio Matsumoto has said that Sony is looking into a service which allows gamers to download there PSP UMD games onto their PS VITA for a "Special Price"

To add more speculation gaming retailers who have attended Sony sales briefings have claimed that Sony intends to use some sort of system which allows UMD's to be relevant to the PS VITA.

"NVG" Card, the UMD Replacement
Another interesting tidbit is that Sony have confirmed that the PS VITA can remap controls to allow use of the dual analogs when playing PSP games thus making PSP games even more relevant on the PS VITA

So what do you think? Will you re-download your favourite PSP games onto your PS VITA? If so which games will you download? I shall definitely re-download MGS Peace Walker to make use of the dual analogs. What about you? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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