Sony Not Worried About PS Vita Missing Christmas

Our friend John Koller has told us why Sony are not really concerned about the PS Vita missing christmas.

John Koller, Sony’s PlayStation director of hardware marketing, announced over at AllThingsD that the Playstation Vita not launching in the highly profitable end of year holiday season is not a problem.

According to Koller, 60 percent of PSP owners have said they will upgrade in the next 18 months, and on the console side, 63 percent said they would buy one. Comparing to the PSP, he added it sold 1 million units in its first non holiday week.

So basically Sony say that most PSP owners already want an upgrade and missing christmas isn't a problem.

So then what do you think? are you very disappointed with the lack of Vita this christmas season? or are you fine with the extra wait? Let us know in the comment section below!

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