Sony Confirms All PS VITA Games Can Be Downloaded Via PSN

Sony confirms that every single PS VITA game will be available to purchase via NVG card, however every game will also be available to download straight to your PS VITA via PSN.

After all the discussion about PS VITA games being distributed physically instead of digitally we now have full confirmation regarding software distribution.

At a GDC Online session, Sony's Chris Norden confirmed that all retail PlayStation Vita games will be available on PlayStation Network day and date with their launch on the platform.

Chris Norden basically confirms that when a PS VITA game launches you can either wait in line and pick it up via your local Gamestop or you can now just download the game straight to your PS VITA! (however download times may be problematic as games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss cross the 4GB mark.

Also some games will be slightly cheaper when downloaded via PSN, however it will diminish your storage space.

So what do you think of having both options instead of one? will you buy the game at your local store, or will you just download it straight to your PS VITA? Be sure to leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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