PS VITA Will "Supersede The Mobile Market" Says Sony

There has been quite a bit of commotion around handheld and mobile gaming recently, due to Apple iPhone 4S announcement. However Sony have some words to say regarding smartphone gaming.

John Coller Sony's director of hardware marketing has said that the PS VITA will  provide a deeper and richer experience when compared to todays smartphone games.
“We firmly believe that PlayStation Vita will supersede the mobile market when launched, and have grand ambitions for a product that is really at the forefront of innovation,” he said. “The mobile market in the U.S. offers consumers extremely light gaming options. We developed PlayStation Vita after observing a significant addressable market that demands rich, deep handheld gaming.”
 John Coller also says that every APP created with the PS VITA in mind will most likely be available for smart phones and tablets as developers will see the similarities.

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Sony seem to be taking the "If you can beat em' join em" route when attempting to combat the malicious  rise in smartphone gaming. All APP's that are available on your smartphone will most likely be ported to the PS VITA creating a larger varied supply of software.

What do you think of Sony's approach to smartphone gaming? Is it good? or does it make handheld consoles such as the PS VITA a huge waste of money because "I already have an iPhone" leave your answers in the comment section below!

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