PS Vita Web Browser Will Not Support Flash

New details regarding the PS Vita internet browser have been released. Flash support has been ruled out however Sony have hinted at other features. Check them out inside!

Famous Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently sat down with Sony do have a discussion regarding the PS Vita web browser. According to their report the browser will support cookies, Javascript 1.7, and HTML5 but sadly will not support flash.

Famitsu did imply that Flash support will most likely come in the near future. Erstwhile the PSP did not support flash at launch but was endowed upon months later via firmware update.

PS Vita Web Browser will be almost 3 times as faster than an iPhone 4S
Also don't be put down by the lack of Flash support as HTML5 is almost as popular websites such as IGN, YouTube, Gamespot and PS VITA HUB all support HTML5.

Likewise the depletion of Flash is most likely a result of Sony not wanting to pay royalties to Adobe as every system that enables Flash Player will have to.

If your curious about the speed of the PS Vita web browser since the PS Vita has 4 CPU Cores in comparison to an iPhone 4S webs browser the PS Vita should be able to load web pages around 2.5 times faster.

So then what do you think of the lack of Flash? do you really care? as YouTube and our websites videos will be supported, or do you think its just stupid that Sony isn't including Flash? Let us know in the comment section below!

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