PS Vita Memory Cards Are Basically A Necessity

From Famitsu's recent Q&A with Sony have basically confirmed that most PS Vita games will require a memory cards. Check out which games require it inside!

It seems that with Sony losing such a huge amount of money from selling the PS Vita at such a low price as the amount of high tech gizmos packed in their are worth around $350 However Sony seem to have a great business model as all the money that is lost from hardware sales will be obtained back via memory cards and 3G charges.

From the Q&A we now have confirmation that Uncharted: Golden Abyss WILL Require a memory card to save data Ridge Racer will also require a memory card (but I don't think you really care about Ridge Racer)

Wanna play this? Then start saving for a memory card!
So basically if you want to play Uncharted on your PS Vita you WILL need to buy a memory card. Also to download any titles via PSN you will also need a memory card (obviously)

Another interesting tidbit is that if a game saves to the NVG card instead of the memory card that certain game will not be able to support DLC. So to put this in a nutshell if your playing a game which saves to your NVG cartridge instead of your memory card. That title will not support any type of downloadable content (for some weird reason $$$$$)

32GB cards cost around a $100

With memory cards so pricey (32GB cards hitting the $100 mark) Sony really seem to want to make thier money back as the PS Vita will make a huge hole in Sony's wallet, until 2-3 years when manufacturing becomes cheaper.

So then will you buy a memory card? are you disappointed that to play Uncharted you will need a memory card? you do you not care as you will just avoid games that require a memory card? Let us know in the comment section below!

Also Battlefield 3 is releasing tomorrow, so don't expect quick updates as i will be "Busy" tomorrow, if you catch my drift.

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