Find Out How You Will Play Virtua Tennis On The PS Vita

New screenshots of Virtua Tennis 4 show how you'll play with the touchscreen. Check the out inside!

SEGA has been trying there best to prove that Virtua Tennis 4 for the PS Vita is not just a straight port, below are some screenshots which show how using the touchscreen can be benefical. However I personally dislike the use of the touchscreen as the whole concept of the PS Vita is dual anlog control, why waste time with iPhone concepts.

Also we have implemented a new feature, basically clicking on a screenshot will enlarge the image and open up a Facebook type gallery, this way viewing images will be a lot easier and more efficient. Your welcome :)

Check the screenshots out below!

Visually the game is looking superb with colours as vivid and bright as todays console titles. However we still don't like the whole idea of iPhone controls.

So then what do you think? Do you like what SEGA are trying to do? Or is it all a waste of time as its wasting the PS Vita capabilities by limiting it to iPhone type gameplay? Let us know in the comment section below!

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