Amazon Leaks PS VITA US/EU Release Date?

Amazon recently changed the PS VITA shipping date from "TBA" to a supposed North American / European release date. Click to find out when you can get your hands on the device!

The has been a huge amount of speculation around the release date for the PS VITA, though we do have a Japanese release date other than "early 2012" nothing has been confirmed regarding the North American / Europeon release date. However now we do have a supposed leaked release date from

Click the image to see the release date

The image above was taken from the Amazon listing for the PS VITA, it clearly indicates that the PS VITA will launch on March 31st 2012 the listing is available HERE

This does seem to be quite solid as it still has not been changed or removed. So basically from interpratation we can confirm that the PS VITA will be launched on:

March 31st 2012

Though the release date isn't 100% confirmed we are quite sure that its true. However we are very disappointed as this date is just far too late. This will also give the 3DS a Huge boost in sales as there will not be any competition for the device. On the other hand maybe Sony have a plan with such a late release date? Be sure to leave your opinion in the comment section below! 

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So then what do you think of the date? we think that its far to late,  as Japan will recive it almost 4 months earlier, What do you think? leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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