32GB PS VITA Memory Cards Sold Out Everywhere

When Sony announced that 32GB PS VITA memory cards will cost over $124 many never bothered buying one, however it seems retailers have run out of 32GB memory cards!

In Japan online retailers such as Amazon and Play-Asia have stated that they are out of 32GB PS VITA memory cards. It seems that once Sony announced that games would be available to download via PSN many thought that downloading titles would be the way to go, so a $124 memory card was reasonable.

Personally we are disappointed that the PS VITA does not come with 32GB worth of built in storage space, however you have to understand that Sony are selling the PS VITA at a substantial loss and they have to make there money somehow (explaining the overpriced memory cards)

You can see the memory card slot on the left side
Also remember to keep in mind that once the PS VITA is available in Japan many 3rd Party companies are bound to whip up a unofficial memory card for the PS VITA at a much cheaper price, however is it really worth buying cheap knock offs at the risk of losing your save data?

So then will you be picking up a 32GB card at launch? or maybe a smaller 4GB card? or will you pick up a knock off card for a cheaper price? or will you just not bother with memory cards? be sure to leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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