Watch Sony's Tokyo Game Show Presentation Live Here!

SONY are set to amaze gamers at this years Tokyo Game Show. All the news will be reported on however you can also choose to watch it live right here!!!!
Every single bit of PS VITA news, announcements, trailers and more will be available on our site straight from Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2011 Press Conference.

So visit our website on Wednesday 14th September 2011 to read and watch every single bit of PS VITA News available.

Sony have set up a live stream, however the conference will be in Japanese. So its best to just check out our website instead of watching the live stream.

The times the live stream will be available are;
5AM BST (British Summer Time) Wednesday
6AM CET (Central European Time) Wednesday
12AM Midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) Tuesday/Wednesday
9PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday

The live stream can be viewed by clicking this link.

All Trailers, Gameplay, And Video Updates Will Be Available On Our YouTube Channel CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING THIS LINK!

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