Sony To Announce 18 PS VITA Games At Tokyo Game Show

Though there is already a great launch lineup for the PS VITA, Sony are still working on many more unannounced games. 18 of which will be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2011
Tokyo Game Show is the biggest gaming convention/conference in the east. So a huge amount of games being announced and revealed is inevitable.

This year Sony will be unveiling over 18 PS VITA games.

Though new games are great, most of us are still hoping to see gameplay of already announced games such as Assassins Creed PS VITA, Killzone VITA and Mortal Kombat 9 PS VITA.

But a game we think will be announced at TGS 2011 will be 'TEKKEN PS VITA' Harada (the creator of Tekken) has hinted many times that the game will be coming to the PS VITA, and TGS seems to be the best place to show it off, since most TEKKEN fans are from Japan.

Tokyo Game Show kicks off on the 15th of September.

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