Sony Charging Extra For PS VITA Memory Cards

At TGS Sony showed off a new type of memory format for the PS VITA, sadly the memory cards do not come with the PS VITA and will cost you quite a bit.
From the press release Sony detailed the memory format.

The 4GB model is 2,200yen (approximately $29), 8GB 3,200yen ($42), 16GB 5,500yen ($72), and if you want to go the whole hog, a 32GB style will set you back 9,500yen ($124)
Technically, you’re not chained to the Sony brand. Third-party manufcturers will be churning out cheap cards at a much lower price point any day now, but the choice is on your head. These unofficial cards are not guaranteed to work consistently, and losing your save game might be worth more to you than forking out the extra bucks at the beginning.
We think that Sony intend to make quite a bit of money with these memory cards, mainly because the PS VITA will cost Sony around $30 as manufacturing is still quite expensive right now.

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