PS VITA US Release Date Leaked?

Various sources are claiming that the Official Playstation Blog accidentally put up a link which reveals the EU/US PS VITA release date. Check the release date out inside.
28th February 2012 is the supposed American release date for the PS VITA.

Here is what is said to have been put up on the site, but then instantly removed.

"Dear Playstation Nation,It is my pleasure to announce that PS Vita will be launching in North America on February 28, 2012. As it was announced during E3, PS Vita will in two different models: Wifi Only for $249.99 and Wifi+3G for $299.99. This portable powerhouse will take you beyond your imaginations and put you in the ultimate hand held experience.With titles like Resistance, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Little Deviants, WipeOut, and LittleBigPlanet, we are sure we will deliver on our promise of providing you with the gaming experience you deserve."

The message states the price and the release date. Though the sources provided are not exactly 'rock solid' the date does seem quite reasonable. Also remember that none of this is confirmed information. In the end it could just be a fake.

UPDATE: Sid Shuman one of the writers for the Official Playstation Blog has said that the story is complete bogus, exact quote is below.

"Hi guys, this is Sid from the PlayStation.Blog. This story is bogus, a complete fabrication.If we had accidentally published something on the Blog, you'd see it in the RSS feed.When there's a final North American release date, you can be sure we'll share it on the Blog with the quickness.
Thanks  guys."


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