PS VITA Is Region Free!

NeoGaf confirm that the PS VITA will not be region locked!
From NeoGAF comes confirmation of something we kind of already suspected but didn't exactly know for sure: PlayStation Vita is region-free, just like the PSP and PlayStation 3. This means that you can play a game from any territory on the handheld, and it will work just fine without having to modify or otherwise alter your Vita.

Twitter user @lonelypessimist Tweeted friend of Podcast Beyond Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp), President of Sony's Worldwide Studios. He asked "is it confirmed yet if vita is region free?" to which Yoshida succinctly answered "Yes, it is."

- NeoGAF (user Leona Lewis)
PlayStation already intended on importing several Vita units when it launches in Japan in mid-December. This simply confirms that we might not have to purchase new ones when they come out in North America next year. 


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