PS VITA 3G Restricted To 20MB Downloads

Many adored the PS VITA's ability to download games and PS Minis on the go, however recent news suggests that you wont be doing a lot of downloading with the PS VITA 3G.

A representative from Sony Japan confirmed that the PS VITA will be limited to 20MB downloads when using 3G.

Sony have said that they are considering increasing the limit at a later stage, but right now its definetly going to be capped at 20MB. If your unfamiliar with 3G limits, its basically going to have the same 3G capabilities as an iPhone, however with iPhones it makes sense as many APPs dont exceed the 20MB mark.

Sadly this does rule out downloading PSP (and maybe PS VITA) titles on the go. However there is no limit to downloading when connected to a Wi-Fi connection.


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