Patent Shows Off PS VITA Augmented Reality Multiplayer

Sony seem to be pushing augmented reality as one of the PS VITA's best features. They recently released a patent which allows synchronised augmented reality. Might sound stupid, but we think that with these images augmented reality will reach a new level.

The premise is great, basically if your friends are playing augmented reality games on their PS VITA in the same room, the PS VITA will synchronise the 'virtual reality' so what your friends see. So an entire world can be viewed with several PS VITA's.

The example above shows 3 friends playing some sort of strategy game which pastes a map onto your kitchen table.

Another image is showing a multiplayer AR game. We think that this concept was implemented in the upcoming 'Reality Fighters'.

Once again another picture displays virtual reality table tennis. Two players are playing table tennis WITHOUT A TABLE!

The final patent tells us about the wonderful feature known as headtracking. As you can see when the player moves his head, the perspective of his character also changes.

What do you guys think of these patents? which do you prefer? and what games could be made using the Multiplayer Augmented Reality feature. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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