OT: Battlefield 3 Gets 16+ ESRB Rating, Will This Increase Sales?

The Battlefield series has always received a 18+ rating. However the latest instalment of the franchise Battlefield 3 only get a 16+ rating. Could this increase sales drastically?

Firstly, sometimes their is a lack of PS VITA news, so to keep you entertained we will sometimes post gaming news unrelated to the PS VITA, so on slow PS VITA news days be prepared for console gaming news, thats when we shall write "OT" before the title.

The First Person Shooter genre is dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield (unless you count Medal of Honour which you shouldn't) both games have always been rated 18+ however this time Battlefield 3 has an edge over Call of Duty, the game has a significantly lower age rating.

Visually Astonishing
Though if you've played COD you know that high pitched voices are often heard. However if the game was 16+ you will be hearing plenty more of those voices.

Since with Battlefield 3 just around the corner many are yet to pre order the game, many 16 year olds that it.

So then do you think that Battlefield 3 will sell significantly more because of the change in age rating? or will it just stay the same. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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