Nintendo Strike At Sony's Japanese Heart, With A Certain Franchise

Nintendo held there annual pre tokyo game show conference on Monday, Alongside details about various 1st party titles, Satoru Iwata also announced a certain Capcom title....

Nintendo 3DS sales have been very disapointing and low due to the lack of software, however at the "Nintendo 3DS Conference" Nintendo announced 3rd party support from a certain franchise, Monster Hunter that is!

Monster Hunter is a mega popular franchise in Japan (still popular in EU/US but cannot compare to Japan) the PSP version has sold millions to date. It has even pushed the Japanese public to purchase a PSP.

The PSP's System Seller!
However, Nintendo have noticed the amount of hardware the Monster Hunter series has sold. As a result Nintendo has signed a deal with not just one but 2 whole Monster Hunter games for the 3DS. The first game Monster Hunter Tri G will be available in Japan at christmas time.

Surprisingly that is not the biggest 'kick to Sony's nuts' Nintendo managed to get another Monster Hunter exclusive and that is Monster Hunter 4.

If you want a sequel to Monster Hunter 3...Well you have to buy a 3DS

If your not a Monster Hunter fan many of this will not seem very important, howbeit signing exclusivivity for a game which many have been anticipating for quite some time, is a very big downer for the PS VITA.

Monster Hunter 4 is also not going to be a spin off port. Capcom have confirmed that the game will be the forth instalment in the standard series. So if you want to play the sequel to Monster Hunter 3 you have to purchase a 3DS.
Capcom, what did Nintendo say to you!!!

We personally think that Nintendo are targeting a specific market (Sony's market) as an attempt to overthrow Sony's Japanese preponderance as Monster Hunter is one of the reasons the PSP reigned supreme in Japan.

Do you think that this is a huge blow for SONY? Or will games like Uncharted and Little Big Planet prove themselves as better alternatives? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

Dont worry Drake..We still have you (wow that sounds so gay)

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