Nintendo Creates Second Slide Pad Attachment To Combat PS VITA

Perhaps the best thing about the PS VITA is the implementation of dual analog sticks. Developers have said that its great for 3rd party games. However Nintendo's 3DS doesn't have dual sticks?.......not anymore..

Since launch the 3DS lacked interest from some developers because of the lack of dual analog sticks as it ruled out games like First Person Shooters. We personally don't believe why it lacked dual sticks in the first place! after all the badly controlled PSP games, you would think Nintendo would have learned from the PSP

But now in an attempt to get 3rd party developers on board the 3DS, and to combat the PS VITA's fluid and sleek dual analogs Nintendo have officially confirmed the release of an accessory deemed the "Expansion Slide" which adds a second circle pad.

The 3DS "Expansion Slide"

Right now not a lot of information has been released regarding the "Expansion Slide" (or the 3DS Boat attachment, a phrase that has been going around) but its rumoured it will be released alongside "Monster Hunter Tri 3G" for the 3DS.

We personally think that the slide pad is just a placeholder for early games, and to get some third party developers working on games for the 3DS. In probably a month or two (before christmas time maybe) Nintendo will release a 3DSi which will feature a built in "Expansion Slide" as the attachment just looks ridiculous. And its part of Nintendo's fiendish plot to get developers creating First Person Shooters for the 3DS instead of the PS VITA!

Is it just an attempt to combat the superior PS VITA controls?

So what do you guys think? is it just a quick attachment to get developers to stop working on the PS VITA? or is it just an attachment for a single game? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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