Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Will Be Available On The PS VITA

Hideo Kojima took the stage at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference, he took the time to announce that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection which was confirmed for the XBOX and PS3 will be coming to the PS VITA
Metal Gear Solid is a very popular franchise, however many younger gamers have not fully had experienced Metal Gear Solid, so Konami confirmed quite a while back that Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 will be getting a HD upscaling and be ported to the PS3 and XBOX.

However from TGS we now have confirmation that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will be available on the PS VITA. However Kojima has stated that the console counterpart will release substantially earlier.

Visuals will be identical to console, as the game is only upscaled
This means that we may not see Metal Gear Solid running on the PS VITA until late 2012

Also Kojima also confirmed that 'Transfarring' (yes we know its a stupid name) will be available for the game. So you could play Metal Gear Solid 2 on your PS3, and then 'transfar' your save data onto your PS VITA and continue sneaking around on the PS VITA.

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