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Excited for a portable version of Little Big Planet? then check out this preview which includes details on how the game uses the touchscreen.

LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita is being created by Double Eleven Studios and Tarsier Studios in conjuction with Media Molecule, and they demoed the latest build of the tech.

Starting the demo, we were told that LittleBigPlanet is "a really tactile experience, so having a touch interface felt like a really natural thing to do. And it's really nice and accessible."

The level demoed at Gamescom highlighted the new controls. Touchscreen controls are used to pull curtains open to begin level, but even aesthetic touches can be interacted with.

Everything in the level is touchable, from the decorations dangling down to Sackboy himself. One example showed Sackboy running into the mouth of a whale where a giant piano is situated along the wall.

The touchscreen seems to be great for LBP

You have to run your fingers along the keys to play the piano and open the nearby door. There's even a spongey material that Sackboy stands on, which can be dragged down and let go to catapult him into the air.

Sackboy then changes to a Jack Sparrow outfit, proving that all of the costumes that you might have bought for the PS3 versions will come across to PSVita for free.
Rear touch can be used to pop objects out of the screen: in this case blocks are moved forward for Sackboy to jump on. We're then told that everything in the demo can be recreated by LittleBigPlanet players, including rear touch.
Speaking at the demo, Double Eleven told us "We wanted to take advantage of PSVita being a portable device, so we're going to focus the game much more towards the smaller, standalone games."

PS VITA also doubles as a slingshot

Highlighting their point, we're then shown a game with a ball falling down and different gates that need to be opened or closed by touch to guide the ball into the right bucket.
This is followed by air hockey - with one player touching a pad on one side of the screen and the other player doing the same at the opposite end, air hockey is recreated.

The Create side looks really interesting. You can paint doodles with your finger, such as a stickman, and then bring him to life as an actual object in the level you create. Anything you paint can become an object.

A new feature revealed at Gamescom was the ability to record the movement of the object by just dragging it around the screen. This makes animating levels and characters easier than ever and creates a much more fluid level.
The developer than quickly makes a game in three minutes, by drawing a huge block of cheese and then cutting a maze out. He goes to take a picture of one of the guys in the demo for use in the demo but the game crashes, which required quite a lengthy reboot.

Footage of Gran Turismo PS VITA
Lastly, you can also use traditional controls for anything seen with LittleBigPlanet Vita. The devs note that everything in the series to date can be recreated by the player, the only thing that couldn't are "the pictures of the developers in LittleBigPlanet" that were used on an intro level.

Source: Article Courtesy of NowGamer

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