Images of PS VITA Game Cases

Wondering how much plastic PS VITA game cases will waste? check inside to see what they look like!
Below is an image of the Uncharted: Golden Abyss box art and PS VITA game case.

The case itself is quite attractive, but we think that the case is just too big and a total waste of plastic. To the left you can see how small the NVG game card is. And putting something that small in such a huge case seems like something tree huggers will be angry about.

Also the we think that there is a huge problem with the case itself, and that is the fact that the case is blue. Unless Sony are trying to trick consumers into thinking that the PS VITA has some sort of Blu-Ray player functionality, the case is very misleading.

PS VITA game case compared to others.
I understand that some of you may see the comparison picture and say that "the case is small enough" but theoretically its not. And should be reduced for recycling purposes, and more portability.

Disagree with us? leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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