Confirmed! You Can Take In-Game Screenshots On The PS VITA

We at PS VITA HUB have discovered that just like iPhone and other mobile devices the PS VITA can take in-game screenshots. This could be great to show of your "Awesome Call of Duty No Scope!"
Many were hoping that this was true, and now by looking at one of the PS VITA OS screenshots, the feature is basically confirmed.

An Image Of The Messaging System
The image above is a screenshot of the chat system on the PS VITA. In the screenshot one of the PSN members suggests that they try out his Little Big Planet PS VITA Level, which "JayP89" does, and to prove that he greatly enjoyed the level he says "Here is a picture of it" so the only reasonable explanation to that statement is that you can in fact take gameplay screenshots and send them to your friends!

We at PS VITA think that the screenshots are probably taken by holding the PS Button, or something similar.

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