Confirmed, Right Analog Stick Can Be Used For PSP Games

Shuhei Yoshida SCEE Worldwide Studio Boss reveals that when playing PSP games on the PS VITA, the PS VITA will be able to remap the controls. Making use of the dual analogs.

Many disliked the PSP due to the akward controls, as games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker played at a significantly lower pace than other MGS games.

Games like Rainbow Six: Vegas were disappointing because of lacklustre controls

However Shuhei Yoshida has said;
“We will provide options to remap the control from either face buttons or the action buttons to right analog stick,”
This is easily some of the best news we have gotten out of TGS. Most PSP games will be reVITAlised when played on the PS VITA. (see what I did there :D)

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