SEGA Discuss Utilising The PS VITA's Hardware Features

Recently Vitua Tennis released a trailer of their gameplay and how it will use the handheld’s numerous hardware features.
Sony described the game and talked about how it stacks up to the PlayStation 3 version.
Virtua Tennis 4′s core experience is nearly identical to its recently-released PS3 counterpart; you can create a character, start a career, and participate in tournaments while enhancing your skills through all kinds of bizarre tennis-related skill tests.
Sony continued by describing the touch-screen controls of the game.
Tap on the screen and your player will run to that spot. Once in place, you swipe in the direction you want to hit the ball, utilizing different gestures for topspin shots, lobs, backhands and more. Multitouch is employed to launch a lethal power shot – just swipe using two fingers to add an exclamation mark to a long volley.
Virtua Tennis 4 also has a top-down Touch vs mode, where you can lay the handheld flat and it allows to players to face off against each other on one console.

Trailer Is Available Below

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