Sony Reveal PS VITA Camera Specifications

The PS Vita will have two cameras, one of which is placed at the front whereas the other is mounted in the rear. More details inside.

 Specification for both cameras appear to be identical, with a frame rate of 120fps at 320X240 when operating in QVGA and 60fps at 640X480 in VGA.
The resolution visualised by both cameras will run up to 640X480 (VGA).

If your not quite familiar with the technical jargon, its basically a 1.3 Megapixel camera with 480p video recording ability.

This cant fit on the PS VITA!

Also im sure many of you were expecting the camera to be groundbreaking i.e. 1080p and 13 Megapixel, however you have to take into consideration that the camera is not really an important feature for the PS VITA, its only used for games such as Little Big Planet, and the image will be shrunken down. so its not a problem for us.

Also another aspect you must consider is that many of us have smart phones that already have fantastic camera quality, so Sony don't need to go all out just to produce a fantastic camera on the PS VITA, However though a 13 Megapixel camera would be nice. Its just too expensive to manufacture, Sony have taken a good move by reducing costs in the PS VITA.

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